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Passport Invite to Paradise

One of our loyal readers and a future Sandals bride sent us a copy of one of her insanely creative wedding invitations for her upcoming wedding at Sandals Emerald Bay, Exuma in November. At first glance Keri-Ann Kraut’s, passport-inspired wedding invite seems so realistic; you may assume you’re looking at an actual passport. Once you get pass all the passport stamps and data info however, you realize you’re reading a paradise wedding invite and guest guide book! It’s truly amazing! 


That’s not all! Keri Ann and Andre’s wedding invites are not only ingenious (passports required for international wedding!) they’re personal to the couple who have visited over 3 sandals resorts together (Montego Bay twice, La Toc and soon to be Emerald Bay). Each “passport stamp” located on page two of their invites are stamps of each time they visited a Sandals resorts on different Caribbean islands. How cute is that?!


If Keri Ann and Andre’s invitations are an inclination of what’s to come at her wedding then, we’re positive her wedding guests are in for a treat.  We seriously can’t wait to cover their epic wedding in November right here on our blog! Thanks to Keri-Ann for sharing these special invitations with us!