4 Ways to Add Family Sentiment to Your Destination Wedding

We know the choice to have a destination wedding can be bittersweet for many couples.  On one hand, you opt to get married in a beautiful, exotic location while planning a wedding that will be unique to you and your significant other for the rest of your lives; on the other hand, you may have had to limit your guest list more than you wanted to – unintentionally leaving out some dear relatives. Perhaps your grandmother couldn’t make the long journey. In the end, you heart was set on a destination wedding but we know having all of your family and friends as near to you as you can is important to you. Here are a few ways to include those who are unable to make it to your wedding day.

Photos of Loved Ones

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Before you travel, see if you can gather some photos of you and your groom’s parents and your grandparents on their wedding days to add as accents to your reception tables.  If you can get digital images of those photos, you can always use a digital enhancement program to give the photos a vintage look. You can place photos strategically along the table, frame them or make a photo runner.  Small framed photos of your close relatives can not only add a personal touch to your wedding, they make lovely timelines for the guests who are able to join you.

Hometown/Country Mementoes

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If you and your loved one are from different regions or have traveled to some unique locations together, why not add specific mementoes from your lives or travels to bring your memories to life once again. Any mini mementos that remind you of home, how you met or where your families are from can be placed on tables or incorporated into gift boxes.  Whether it’s mini Eiffel towers for Parisian couples or snow globes for people who met during the Christmas, the point is incorporate anything that reminds you of  your special moments in your life.

Recorded Messages

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Imagine how lovely it would be to hear “best wishes” messages at your reception? Although it may take a little extra work, you can set up a camera back home and ask your relatives to record a brief message and then have it displayed intimately at your reception.  This particular touch would make a nice surprise for your soon-to-be spouse if you can get messages from relatives of theirs who may not be present.  If you’re unable to have them played at your reception, you can still watch them on your wedding day before you get married or share them with your spouse afterwards. It’s also worth it to have your wedding videographer record well wishes of the guest who are able to attend as part of your video package.

Stream Your Wedding!

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This tip is perfect for those who are unable to make the wedding and a great way to share your wedding with loved ones. Once you record your video, any of your friends and family in another state or country can view your wedding without having to wait for you to return from your honeymoon and cram together at your place to see a viewing of it. Your videographer will contact them when the video is ready and they’ll just have to log on to watch the ceremony and reception right on their computer. Now you can share your destination wedding with all your family and friends while you’re still on your honeymoon!  For more information on streaming your wedding at your Sandals destination wedding follow the link.